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An exact replica of a legal document in words and figures.

For example, the tenor of a check would be the exact amount payable, as indicated on its face.


noun cast, character, content, course, cut, drift, exemplum, feeling, form, gist, idea, import, manner, meaning, mode, mood, nature, purport, sense, sententia, significance, signification, spirit, stamp, subject matter, tendency, tone, trend, vein
See also: complexion, condition, connotation, content, context, degree, gist, import, magnitude, main point, meaning, mode, signification, spirit, state, substance, temperament


1 the exact words of a deed, as distinct from their effect.
2 an exact copy or transcript.
3 loosely, the meaning of a document. See also PROVING THE TENOR.

TENOR, pleading. This word, applied to an instrument in pleading, signifies an exact copy; it differs from purport. (q.v.) 2 Phil. Ev. 99; 2 Russ. on Cr. 365; 1, Chit. Cr. Law, 235; 1 Mass. 203; 1 East, R. 180, and the cases cited in the notes. In chancery practice, by tenor is understood a certified copy of records of other courts removed into chancery by certiorari. Gresl. Ev. 309.

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The Liverpool cathedral ringing team, from left, Paul Hunter, Samuel Austin, Martin Bright, Mark Humphreys, Rick Shallcross, Peter Furniss, Roy Lemarechal, and Rachel Mitchell and her father, Len Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY/at151108abells-1; Len Mitchell with daughter Rachel ring the tenor bell, the heaviest in the tower Code: at151108abells-2; The back eight bells Code: at151108abells-6
25 ton Great Tenor bell - an important part of the traditional New Year countdown.
Left, Leslie Taylor, Ringing Master of Dublin's Christchurch Cathedral, in the bell tower beside the great tenor bell (to his immediate left) which needed a last-minute replacement for a broken clapper which allowed bell-ringers to herald the New Year
Since August, the tenor bell has chimed on the hour, every hour, day and night.
The service will be conducted by the Rector of Leeds, Canon Graham Smith, with half muffled bells being rung beforehand and a single tenor bell ringing out as the cortege approaches.
Baffled visitors to the church watched as the bellringers "played" the piece under the belltower after first being summoned by the lone tolling of a tenor bell.
At the 13th-century abbey, the great tenor bell rang 101 times - once for every year of the great lady's life.