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An exact replica of a legal document in words and figures.

For example, the tenor of a check would be the exact amount payable, as indicated on its face.


noun cast, character, content, course, cut, drift, exemplum, feeling, form, gist, idea, import, manner, meaning, mode, mood, nature, purport, sense, sententia, significance, signification, spirit, stamp, subject matter, tendency, tone, trend, vein
See also: complexion, condition, connotation, content, context, degree, gist, import, magnitude, main point, meaning, mode, signification, spirit, state, substance, temperament


1 the exact words of a deed, as distinct from their effect.
2 an exact copy or transcript.
3 loosely, the meaning of a document. See also PROVING THE TENOR.

TENOR, pleading. This word, applied to an instrument in pleading, signifies an exact copy; it differs from purport. (q.v.) 2 Phil. Ev. 99; 2 Russ. on Cr. 365; 1, Chit. Cr. Law, 235; 1 Mass. 203; 1 East, R. 180, and the cases cited in the notes. In chancery practice, by tenor is understood a certified copy of records of other courts removed into chancery by certiorari. Gresl. Ev. 309.

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The tenor voice is not as familiar to contempo theater audiences.
The singing voice, especially the tenor voice, recorded remarkably well with this primitive process.
Sometimes controversial for his flamboyant style (he drives a Rolls-Royce and performs like Little Richard), he is perhaps best appreciated in action, leading evangelical sermons and song with his soulful tenor voice.
Annie-Mary (Rachel Griffiths) is a gawky, 20-something under the thumb of her strict father (Jonathan Pryce), a legend thanks to his tenor voice.
Just as Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin are the ideal interpreters of Sondheim's music, so Barrett's expressive tenor voice (which has gained a lovely burnish since his Off-Broadway performance in Closer Than Ever a decade ago) is the perfect channel for Kander and Ebb's songs of heartfelt longing and wistful fulfillment.
The Tenor voice messager, developed by Motorola's advanced messaging systems division (AMSD) based here, will be available exclusively for the first six months through service provider PageNet Inc.
Exuding a radiant smile and booming tenor voice, this All-American showman serves as an entrancing core in the swirling storm of circus glitter that is The Greatest Show On Earth(R).
SEAWEED" (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) for Tenor Voice and Piano.
Born in Neath and studying at the Guildhall, Joshua has a truly outstanding tenor voice.
Known for his powerful one-man shows, connecting with audiences through his charm, humor, the strength of his songwriting and a warm tenor voice that "soars into fluttering, high registers, but also grates with real, pleading grit,'' Howie Day always makes any night or day a time to cherish.
Although his tenor voice was strong, he did not enhance his performance of the Flower Song by choosing to sing falsetto at the climax of this aria.
While Klara Ek's clear-asa-bell soprano tones blended effortlessly with Helena Rasker's alto, the hard-working Andrew Staples gamely doubled up as the Evangelist and tenor soloist (the original falling ill), showcasing a handsome tenor voice whose ease and clarity of tone proved perfect for the job of narrator.