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However, anyone thinking that this lays the groundwork for a future thawing in the tenseness of relations between the two is mistaken according to International relations expert Emad Gad from Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.
Watching the tenseness in my face from the corner of his eye, my dad would purposely say the first syllable of the word and then wait for my reaction.
As with other Connolly books, "The Lovers" is written with a firm hand and a tenseness that keeps the reader on edge.
Tenseness and swelling of the affected muscle compartment are valuable signs but are usually obscured by dressings or plaster.
Colin's friends decide to hold a tea party to comfort him over the death of his fianc but, when he arrives, his totally unexpected air of cheerful relaxation contrasts sharply with their tenseness.
Arvo Eek also observed that the difference between Q2 and Q3 in Estonian sonorant consonants and nG is realized in their tenseness (i.
Like Munnings and Degas, Luard was drawn to the tenseness, the impending drama, the chaos and confusion, at the start of a race.
The tenseness of the situation appeared to manifest itself in last weekend's performance - a 3-0 drubbing at Southend United.
The words might have been borne in from a disembodied spirit, so passionless were they, so sublimated, so purified of the tenseness and dross of the physical and earthy" ("Sketches" 228).
Clinical estimation of IAP using palpation for abdominal tenseness has been shown to be inaccurate.
shaking, tenseness, facial cues) are often more useful clues to the child's internal state than self-report ratings.