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It's calm in the dressing room but there's a tenseness because we are only 261 ahead.
Cysts were examined for diameter, tenseness and characteristic of the cyst fluid via physical examination and ultrasound screening.
The amount at stake was reflected perfectly in the tenseness of the opening phases, with both sides keen not to give anything away too cheaply.
The tenseness in Shenzhen is an orderly tenseness," he said, before adding that removing people was the right step and far more may follow.
The world scenario--the US budgetary deficit, Middle-East tenseness and utopian concern as Greece debt problems which to authorities are not inclined, smoothen affecting not only cotton but all commodities.
Blake's Albion is a network of vortices, which are expressed in terms of veins and fibres that, in Frye's terms, contain all of nature: "The kind of Argus-eyed tenseness (of nature) proceeds from a sealed prison of consciousness which Blake calls 'opaque,' opacity being his symbol for the dead matter to which all nature tends" (Fearful Symmetry 2004, 349).
Tenseness, distrust, and apathy are but three of many ways of becoming negatively conditioned to a long series of laboratory experiments.
Portman conveys her growing hysteria in the tenseness in her neck and subtle emotions that scuttle across her face--it's a singular performance.
I remember The Twits being too scary for me - I think I read it when I was really young - there is this sense of tenseness and wrongness of the world.
During the course of the disease, there is edema in the extremities evolving into woody indurations characterized by orange-colored hyperpigmentation and skin tenseness.
The fact everything is set in an ordinary home is what makes it all the more terrifying, and while there are no gory special effects to speak of (the film is only a 15 certificate) it is the sheer terrifying atmosphere and spooky tenseness that sends shivers down your spine.