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TENSE. A term used in, grammar to denote the distinction of time.
     2. The acts of a court of justice ought to be in the present tense; as, "praeceptum est," not "preaceptum fuit;" but the acts of, the party may be in the preterperfect tense, as "venit, et protulit hic in curia quandum querelam suam;" and the continuances are in the preterperfect tense; as, "venerunt," not "veniunt." 1 Mod. 81.
     3. The contract of marriage should be made in language in the present tense. 6 Binn. Rep. 405. Vide 1 Saund. 393, n. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"However, once the race got under way the tiredness ebbed away, in the end I was more than pleased with my run and I think it sets me up nicely for the winter which I'm really looking forward to.'' Smith's welcome return to form comes just at the right time as she eases into another campaign of high tensity racing building up to the European Cross-Country Trials in November.
Faith Morrison's examination of tension manifesting in the body titled "Tensity."
Engagement and emotional in- tensity were also very high, sug- gesting that the ad was con- necting with people at a powerful subconscious level.
It has great beauty and force of phrase; symmetry; and tensity. What connects it together, I'm not so sure.
Batuh, the youngest daughter, has caught on the topic of the conversation, stops playing, and stresses the tensity by softly, but firmly addressing her mother: I want to go with you, to see 'baba'!
Sebastien Guillaume, of the department of psychological medicine and psychiatry at Montpellier University Hospital, France, and his colleagues sought to identify "factors that could alert a clinician to the possibility of BPD during an assessment of a depressed patient with a history of suicidal behavior." They found that "a serious [suicide attempt], a familial history of completed suicide in first-degree relatives, and a higher level of affective in tensity are strongly associated with a diagnosis of BPD."