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It is not the existence of God or the idea of good which he approaches in a tentative or hesitating manner, but the investigations of physiology.
The genial, tentative host disappeared, and they saw instead the man who had carved money out of Greece and Africa, and bought forests from the natives for a few bottles of gin.
There had been no preliminary twitchings nor tentative essays at writing.
Hamel, though he scareely understood, was quick to appreciate the possible significance of that tentative question.
Our bell was the pneumatic one that tells you if the touch be light or heavy; the hand upon it now was tentative and shy.
With great outward show of rebellion, half genuine, half facetious, he made several tentative scrapes with the razor.
It was a tentative reply, the man having a seafaring appearance.
Having made one or two tentative remarks to the nearest miner, and receiving only short, gruff replies, the traveller resigned himself to uncongenial silence, staring moodily out of the window at the fading landscape.
he added, with a tentative smile, as though still afraid of irritating him.
Similar to the tentative agreement reached with the Mechanic & Related workgroup earlier this week, this tentative agreement provides our Material Logistics Specialists with market-based compensation, including structural increases, and enhancements to other contract items such as vacation, holidays and sick leave.
United Airlines reached its first tentative agreement with the International Federation of Professionals and Technical Engineers covering wages, benefits and work rules.
Details of the tentative agreements with Chrysler and Ford weren't being released.