tentative approach

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Killie made a tentative approach to ex-Rangers striker Kyle Lafferty last week but were priced out by his wage demands while a deal for Belgian striker Floriano Vanzo fell through after a failed medical.
Last year, they were the subject of a very tentative approach to buy the club for truly gobsmacking PS2billion.
"Instead of making Industry 4.0 a priority across the board, many organizations have taken a tentative approach, investing in specific, focused technology implementations," Deloitte's Robin Lineberger writes.
He said the conditions warrant "final steps" in adopting neutral rate policy, which is where analysts want to be, via a tentative approach. Bostic is watching some corners of the credit market, but overall financial conditions are healthy.
"In order to increase exports and drive growth, what manufacturers need to see sooner rather than later is a Brexit transition deal to avoid the risk of prolonging a more cautious and tentative approach to investment from the sector."
in its Indo-Pacific strategy and the tentative approach exhibited so far, other member states will be keenly watching India.
And the reason that this tentative approach has created a market situation that worries the regulator is because of failure to trust competition at the beginning.
The Telegraph previously revealed that a "tentative approach" had been made by CCFC to explore options over the use of facilities at Warwick University.
I've found this has created a very tentative approach to dining at Two Cats and this has made trade volatile.
Since moving back to Huddersfield Lisa, who 'came out' at 21, has made a tentative approach to other members of the LGBTQ community here and says she'd like to see it flourish.
During the first 45 minutes, United grew into the game slowly as Liverpool took a tentative approach following a quick start.
Their lowly league position is evident in their tentative approach.