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Hydraulic burial, during which the foot, valves, and expulsion of water through the pedal gape are involved in the digging/ burrowing process, has been documented for several bivalve species, including Donax vittatus, Tellina tenuis, Macoma balthica, Cardium edule (Trueman et al.
Three species: Pityohyphantes subarcticus Chamberlin et Ivie, 1943; Tenuiphantes tenuis (Blackwall, 1852); Erigone dentosa O.
Understanding the impact of meningeal worm, Parelaphostrongylus tenuis, on moose populations.
Artificial cover-objects as a method for sampling snakes (Contia tenuis and Thamnophis spp.
Localization of 45S rDNA and telomeric sites on holocentric chromosomes of Rhynchospora tenuis Link (Cyperaceae).
Christopher Cameron of the University of Montreal's Department of Biological Sciences and his colleagues have confirmed that Spartobranchus tenuis is a member of the acorn worms group, which are seldom-seen animals that thrive today in the fine sands, and mud of shallow and deeper waters.
The fossils, Spartobranchus tenuis, are a member of the acorn worm group.
The new ones are Choranthias for the sister species salmopunctatus and tenuis, which had been in the genus Anthias; and Baldwinella for the species Hemanthias aureorubens, H.
Egg capsules of Schroederichthys tenuis and Scyliorhinus haekelii (Chondrichthyes, Scyliorhinidae).
Effect of browntop (Agrostis tenuis Sihth) on white clover (Trifolium repens L.
His research surveys the history of satire through Northrop Frye's improved binoculars, with a peculiar interest in the unique hybrid strain of Tenuis satura canadensis.