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If we accept Cohen's definition, then as a corollary to the tenuity (accuracy) continuum defining the various degrees of the firm, we can imagine a monitoring input continuum or a marginal product of monitoring continuum (Figure 1).
Our argument is in no way impaired, except that there would then be jumps from one point on our tenuity scale to another point, instead of a gradual movement along the scale.
We believe that the monitoring input or the alternative, the tenuity concept between mode of remuneration and "what" is exchanged, is more basic and more in line with the existing transaction cost/property rights paradigm (Cohen/Williamson).
(2.) See Kroll, "Seduction Songs of One of the Perfected," in Religions of China in Practice, 180-87; "The Light of Heaven in Medieval Taoist Verse," Journal of Chinese Religions 27 (1999): 1-12: "The Divine Songs of the Lady of Purple Tenuity," in Studies in Early Medieval Chinese Literature and Cultural History.
His preceptress was Lady Wang of Purple Tenuity, but some of the teachings connected with him in his biography are at variance with standard Shangqing teachings.
"The tenuity of things" chimes with and is intensified by "the fortuity of things" (351).
Clampitt chooses to connect it with the more metaphysical, prairie-induced "tenuity of being." "[A]s a boy / prone to anxieties, night terrors," he grows up troubled, subject while young to strange seizures.
In heath, duneland, savanna, all treeless spaces, the immersing sense of waiting, the unfathomable lassitude, the purling, the quick tenuity of things.
Therefore it follows that two universes may exist in the same place and in the same time--and not only two universes but an infinity of different universes--if by universe we mean a set of states of consciousness; and note, all (the universes) composed of the same matter, all matter being only that thing of inconceivable tenuity through which the various vibrations of waves (electricity, heat, sound, light etc.) are propagated, thus giving birth to our sensations--then emotions--then thought.
The very center of the sky is said to be the Purple Tenuity Enclosure [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
From these and other similar sources we may conclude: (i) Taiyi, "Supreme One" is the supreme spiritual power residing at the center of the Palace of Purple Tenuity at the pole and is identifiable with the Tao.
When the "Monthly Ordinances" preserved in the Record of Rites lists the objects of communal sacrifice, viz., "August Heaven, the Thearchs on High, famous mountains, great rivers, and the gods of the four quarters", Zheng Xuan identifies the Thearchs on High as the Five Thearchs of Supreme Tenuity. These five astral deities are, of course, correlated to the five marchmounts below.