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As tenuous links are no stranger to this column, we should remind readers that Flowers once stood for election as a prospective Labour MP in Coventry; that the seriously-loaded Lord Bhattacharyya has given PS1million to the University of Warwick for research and there is "speculation" that Ed Balls' researcher lives within 100 miles of Broadgate.
See Tenuous Relations at Liverpool Actors Studio in Seel Street from March 28 to April 2.
One fails to comprehend how this is evidence of tenuous relations and a trust deficit.
The European Food Safety Authority suggested the evidence was tenuous and that a ban was not justifiable," said FAIA executive secretary Richard Ratcliffe.
All four years: With USC recruiting taking off, it seemed Keith Wilkinson's scholarship was tenuous.
As her tenuous marriage erodes, he struggles to push her onto a path that reunites their destiny and let go of everything she strives to keep.
Because there is no evidence that the calls are words or even word-like," Hauser says, "the connection to language is tenuous.
Both narrators superbly convey Jamie's tenuous state and both bring tears as Jamie finally unburdens himself.
The claim that there's really nothing personal or private about the phone call records--which tell the NSA who calls whom, when, and for how long--is a tenuous basis for defending data collection that ordinarily requires a court order or the customer's consent.
Just before the star vanished, some of its light filtered through the tenuous gases surrounding Enceladus.
All life exists in a tenuous balance that demands that no one organism increase in number so that it becomes out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense of other organisms," the book advises.
The conceptual parallels might seem tenuous between the bodily sacrifice of homicidal-suicidal terrorists and the ballet dancer whose body is surrendered in the name of art.