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What is making the whole situation tenuous, in my opinion, is the lack of counter-insurgency (COIN) tactics and where investment needs to be made.
At UPenn, spokesperson Lori Doyle alleges that Get-UP has "turned off" many with pushy and aggressive tactics, and implies that these kinds of tactics on either side can make a tenuous situation even worse.
As though to excuse the panel's tenuous jurisdiction over college football's post-season--BCS's practices, Hatch and others insisted, raise antitrust concerns--he argued that looking at this attack on the American dream was "worth a couple hours of this committee's time.
He notes the tenuous connection between his father and Gardner Taylor, aspirant to the presidency of the NBC who was defeated in a close election in 1960.
Some selections rise specifically from the writer's engagement with the designated biblical text, and some selections have a tenuous connection with the text.
In September, he said such military action "would surely inflame the passions of millions, particularly in the Arab world, setting in motion cycles of violence and retaliation, further straining tenuous relationships that exist between United States and other nations.
These hybrid forms, composed of seamlessly fused organic and mechanical motifs, spoke to the increasingly tenuous boundary between body and machine.
But the relationship between these developments and the Auctions 35 licensing issue is tenuous.
What it means to be 'newly' vernacular is also defined with the broadest of brushes, and eventually one is left slightly bemused with this tenuous concept.
This left the tenants in a very tenuous situation, until the Kay Organization, The Community Preservation Corporation, and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development came to their rescue.
Still, a tenuous peace has held, and Pope John Paul II's recent visit to Romania--the first papal visit to a predominantly Orthodox nation since the schism of 1054--was an ecumenical milestone.
166-67) and indications of a rather tenuous grasp of the Japanese language on his part, as in his failure to detect at the proofreading stage the misspelling of kokugaku on four occasions on page 119.