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To support its conclusion that US-Pak relations are 'tenuous', the report also states that both the countries appear to have "different objectives while speaking about common goals".
So after a period of well-publicized turmoil--highlighted by two consecutive months of 119 CEO departures in January and February 2001--one of the most tenuous jobs appears to be have become more secure, at least for now.
The tactic would seem to indicate that mills feel they have regained the upper hand in buy-sell negotiations, though their grip could be tenuous and short-lived.
Department of Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, who had the audacity to criticize the Administration in these tenuous times?
Although 30 years of research have pointed to a link between birth control pill use and the risk of stroke, the association is "tenuous at best and perhaps nonexistent," according to a meta-analysis including 36 studies.
The United States had mostly given up its tenuous leadership in military aviation shortly after the Wright brothers' first flight, and it would not regain that position until the middle of WW II.
Further exploration of this phenomenon is called for in academic circles, as a causal link between inadequate fat intake and running injury is for now tenuous at best.
For administrators, the chore can be even more difficult--a tenuous endeavor that pits their political and moral opinions as educators against their fiduciary responsibilities to their institutions overall.
Friedman's thesis is clear: plays often wrenched into "romantic comedies" on the stage (Two Gentlemen, Much Ado, Measure for Measure, All's Well) in fact represent a subgenre of Shakespeare, namely, the "comedy of forgiveness." But where Hunter's argument focuses mainly on (usually tenuous) heterosexual forgiveness, Friedman emphasizes the "ways in which the drive to link men together shapes their attitude toward women and marriage" (111).
As though to excuse the panel's tenuous jurisdiction over college football's post-season--BCS's practices, Hatch and others insisted, raise antitrust concerns--he argued that looking at this attack on the American dream was "worth a couple hours of this committee's time."
Some selections rise specifically from the writer's engagement with the designated biblical text, and some selections have a tenuous connection with the text.
In September, he said such military action "would surely inflame the passions of millions, particularly in the Arab world, setting in motion cycles of violence and retaliation, further straining tenuous relationships that exist between United States and other nations."