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It's an eclectaic mix, tenuously connected in content and hardly at all in musical style, but the results are hugely engaging and enjoyable.
Which may tenuously explain why the first half of last night's concert seemed to be coming from a different galaxy.
I feel compelled to explain that the subheadline phrase "tenuously connected to their faith" has been troubling me, as I consider myself connected to my Catholic faith and seek always to recognize, foster and reverence Christ as the center of my life.
"Nigeria, it is simply the doomsday scenario, an amalgamation of all the worst oil has to offer Africa: corruption, ethnic hatred, Dutch disease, and rentierism, organized crime, militant rebellion, hostage taking, and sabotage of industry activity, and a country held together tenuously."
Across fifty-six such vignettes, which exist tenuously between memory and dream and move with a kind of associational logic, Hafftka, an accomplished neo-expressionist artist for the past thirty years, catapults us, with this collection, his first venture with narrative, into a fairytale world of Jungian imagery charged with Freudian implication, a symbolic landscape of winding staircases, stone towers, lush fields, quaint cottages, and forbidding forests.
Science fiction deals with the possible (though not necessarily probable), being based, however tenuously, on scientific (hard or soft) knowledge; fantasy deals with the impossible, being based on magic or the supernatural.
On the one hand, they produce a rich imaginative space for readers to participate willingly (and even genially) in overturning religious, social, and political discourses that have subjugated and oppressed American Indian and First Nations peoples; on the other hand, they tenuously depend on readers possessing a highly developed historical consciousness.
More tenuously, Swansea-born actor and comedian Keith Allen is playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in the BBC's new production of Robin Hood.
"Today, the Department of Homeland Security remains essentially a collection of variously dysfunctional components held together tenuously by little more than a common name, logo and mission statement," he wrote in the book.
Gladys Hammond, aged 82, was the mother-in-law of one of the Hall brothers and the desecration of her grave was the culmination of a seven-year campaign which targeted anyone linked, however tenuously, with the farm.
Being a wanted man, however tenuously, certainly strengthens his hand when it comes to fulfilling his ambitions with the club.
In any case, much French opposition is only tenuously related to the constitution's content; many "no" votes will be a protest on domestic issues unconnected to the treaty.