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You cannot wear something that, however tenuously, could pass for being a wedding dress, and could therefore pass as an attempt to sabotage the bride's big day.
The Confederations Cup is continuing to give men a tenuously satisfying postseason football fix, afternoons and evenings on ITV.
They include recent but more tenuously connected developments, such as computer crime and acupuncture.
Mr Jones has begun to perform again as if he was given a mandate in the last election but he must realise that he had to join a coalition in order to gain the post that he now tenuously holds.
As highly visible institutions with perceived "deep pockets," colleges and universities are targets for lawsuits arising from injuries and property damage only tenuously tied to the schools' actions.
The annual increase shows that employers remain confident despite the financial turmoil in China, lower oil prices, and a European economy tenuously emerging from its recent struggles.
Coutinho has been tenuously linked with a future move to Barcelona, but Lucio believes that Anfield is the best place for him.
One of the funniest things about celebrity scandals are always the random people tenuously linked to the star in question who helpfully pop up to offer their insight.
The discs dynamics and structure in turn depend critically on the influence of magnetic fields that couple to tenuously ionised and low-density regions.
High infant mortality convinced people that children were liminal creatures that hung tenuously between human life and the spirit world.
We are tenuously linking this incident with the male who presented at hospital.
A fleet story keeps "Gravity" tenuously tethered to solid ground, and though most of its fun is purely visual, it's a film that has engrossed its audience, and the HFPA, from every angle.