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As the claims in the second half of the narrative get more grandiose and absurd, the relations between text and visuals loosen, becoming associative to the point of complete tenuousness.
"We are afraid of pain and vulnerability and the tenuousness of life--and nothing seems to leave us feeling more vulnerable or tenuous than the death of an innocent baby." Since we tend to ignore our connection to death and squelch our expressions of sorrow, we seem to have forgotten that grief is a noble human emotion that helps us cope with life.
Our data clearly indicates the tenuousness of the current best-in-class.
So as the white middle class has grown more healthy in recent decades, the tenuousness of black middle-class life has left many stumbling through a vicious circle.
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As in Dostoevsky's later works, violence emphasizes the tenuousness of life.
Just a few years after the 1994 elections, the government considered calling in the army into parts of the Transkei to restore order, a clear indication of political involution and the tenuousness of their grip on the former homeland.
For all its strongly argued condemnation of those at the top, Why We Fight is acutely interested in moments of doubt and second-guessing--in Sekzer's dawning realization of the tenuousness of the al-Qaeda-Iraq connection, in Eisenhower's own transition from a military man to an advocate for peace, in U.S.
Skrbic is conscious, nonetheless, of the difficulty of giving critical structure to the tenuousness and genre-blurring qualities of Woolf's short fiction, a feature which she suggests is just one part of the reason it has been overlooked: "The reasons behind the disregard of Woolf's short fiction, about how it should be interpreted, assessed and responded to, stem from critical unease about the short-story genre itself, particularly its ideological distinction from the novel" (xix).
At the same time, the logical tenuousness of this reasoning promotes conscious acknowledgment of ambivalence--that is, of the close proximity of these actions to wrongful conduct.
The spiritualist pioneers of the nineteenth century demonstrated the tenuousness of the self--its fragmentary nature, its multiplicity, its capacity for displacement or even disappearance.
107r, argue for its production at the Priory of the Austin Canons at Hempton in Norfolk, a conjecture that Meale (1984: 139-40, 164n32) rejects for its tenuousness, and by adducing dialectological considerations, although she is unable to put forward any specific location.