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The implication is that an intimate connection with another human being can prevent one's embodied subjectivity from fracturing--intimacy can potentially overcome the tenuousness of anatomy, of socio-economic as well as psychological insecurity and can overwrite the mirrored reflection.
Rova, "The Eagle and the Snake: Remarks on the Iconography of Some Archaic Seals," KASKAL 3 120061: 1-29), is excluded here owing to that connection's tenuousness.
But both the tenuousness of our connection and the fact that he was seven years older and lived in a different world made him an unlikely pen pal.
Near the end of the Rue Sd installation tour, participants are led to a north-facing balcony-cum-bedroom that highlights Khandaq al-Ghamiq's spatial tenuousness.
Saturday presents an unapologetic view of Western life and wealth marred only by fear and anxiety about its tenuousness in light of seemingly uncontrollable and random threats.
And how, moreover, is the tenuousness of that structure highlighted through that disavowal?
He also thought of himself as a filmmaker, although right from the first sequence, in which we see him, backed by two idly grazing bears on an idyllic green meadow, speak to his camera as if in his own documentary (or reality television show), Herzog underscores the tenuousness of this identity, like all others, for him.
As if recognizing the tenuousness of its distinction between membership and support, the Ninth Circuit (per judge Harry Pregerson) acknowledged in a footnote that "[a]lthough section 2339B(a) does not punish mere membership, the statute does prohibit the paying of membership dues.
The second ramification of the phenomenon of equilibrium in dialectical theory is the fact of its tenuousness as revealed in the treatment of equilibrium in the light of the laws which superintend it in a dynamic context.
Direct purchasers could be denied standing because of the tenuousness of their injury, in which case there would be no private enforcer.
Furthermore, as Nehring argues, conversations about the tenuousness of the comparative affluence in 1950s Britain, or about the changing roles for men and women were seemingly shut out of public discourse.
In the author's view, the tenuousness of their job tenure significantly affects administrators' behavior.