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In the first draft of the poem, and in his tergiversation into a girl, the speaker uses the pronoun 'her'; "To have known at the last moment, the full/taste of her own whiteness/The horror of her own smoothness" (93).
The expectations the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, has created with regard to a broad action to protect the eurozone are not likely to be met, according to analysts who predict yet more weeks of tergiversation.
The communique underlines the tergiversation of the government in implementing the decrees 115 and 116, adding that "this government profits from the legal vacuum to carry on its policy of nominations without prior consultation of the Union structures.
Gilles had accused him of tergiversation and of actions derogatory to the character of a gentleman, which he had failed to prove, and as he would neither give him an explanation nor a meeting, (in fact a duel) he was a liar and a coward".
Taheri added: "After a long moment of tergiversation in which the Algerian leaders did not know quite how to deal with the threat, they stumbled on a strategy almost by instinct.
So imagine the effect that the words of John Donne first had on me: ratiocination, concatenation, coruscation, tergiversation.
The Treasury displayed the utmost determination, ingenuity, tergiversation and meanness of spirit in trying to cut his fees.
15) Finally, there is Fielding's own defensive attitude to the subject of political tergiversation, expressed most memorably in the Jacobite's Journal (26 March 1748):
Upon investigation, I found out that Sterlin had been recommended for a Military Cross, but through regimental tergiversation, the recommendation had been left dragging on someone's desk too long, being overtaken by Sterlin's death on 18 December on the outskirts of Ortona itself.
As a result of attempting to follow Madison's reflections and deeds, what hitherto appeared as tergiversation now emerges as coherent strategy, one based on the Founder's understanding of rights that not only differs from but challenges the theories of rights holding sway in contemporary political and legal education.
We can if we wish imagine a system of thought in which what people say can be translated into what they say minus tergiversation and deception.