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S'ensuivent,-en s'habillant d'un voile de delicatesse et de generosite-, des arriere-pensees egoistes, des tergiversations, des mensonges d'Amaury devant lui-meme, des objections factices sur le peu de fortune et de distinction personnelle qu'il aurait a offrir a son eventuelle epouse.
This vantage should proffer manifest benefits in a show dedicated to the grotesque, a dense nebula of forms and attitudes skirting the grand narratives of art history--especially those of modernism and, unsurprisingly, the theoretical tergiversations surrounding postmodernism.
Almost no one replies to a question in this novel without pausing dramatically to weigh the question and phrase an appropriate, but indefinite, response, The narrative and dialogue alike are filled with ambiguous references, qualifier upon qualifier, and multiple tergiversations.
Apres maintes tergiversations, la Conference nationale est convoquee le 25 fevrier 1991 et siegera jusqu'au 10 juin.
He posits that both Koestler's well-known political tergiversations and his less known personal restlessness are rooted in this rejection of Jewish identity.
If Wetz-Artmann's Germanic he-man Amleth (1936) is now forgotten, Klaus Mann's Hendrik Hofgen and his abject tergiversations are not, and the role of Hamlet is for him in many ways a greater moral test than Mephistopheles.
Goldwin does this in a finely crafted historical inquiry, without polemics but with constant and searching attention to the many questions raised by what appear to be the tergiversations of Madison's career.
It is not particularly my purpose here to review these as books -- suffice it to say that the first two are markedly better written than the third, and that both Dunning and Anawalt present honest, warts-and-all portraits of their protagonists (the latter is particularly successful in winkling out and documenting the political tergiversations of the Joffrey troupe, which were, of course, far more complex, arcane, and even more savage than the circumstances surrounding Ailey's company); Neufeld might have written with more obvious insight about the individual quirks and ramifications of the Canadian story.
justice and complexity melded in the wisdom of the heart Feminists riding whatever wave their ideology demands, men and women alike, will find in this tense, fast-paced nonfictional account something profoundly satisfying -- they can move beyond all the bitterness and tergiversations of sexual harassment.
They had little knowledge of the history or theory of Marxism-Leninism, and no insight into the tergiversations of Stalinist foreign policy.
Moreover, Alexander Crummell, born of African parents (his father an ex-slave) in New York City, distrustful of mixed-race persons, burdened by white supremacist exclusion from school and profession, a missionary to Liberia for nearly twenty years, educated at Cambridge, and given to a cleric's religious fervor and a facile politician's tergiversations, stands as here revealed a representative of the Afro-American petit-bourgeoisie's response to the crisis in American race relations caused by the defeat of Reconstruction, a period (c.