term of imprisonment

See: captivity
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Over the head and face of every prisoner who comes into this melancholy house, a black hood is drawn; and in this dark shroud, an emblem of the curtain dropped between him and the living world, he is led to the cell from which he never again comes forth, until his whole term of imprisonment has expired.
If his term of imprisonment be short - I mean comparatively, for short it cannot be - the last half year is almost worse than all; for then he thinks the prison will take fire and he be burnt in the ruins, or that he is doomed to die within the walls, or that he will be detained on some false charge and sentenced for another term: or that something, no matter what, must happen to prevent his going at large.
That is much more likely, for he would have known what their term of imprisonment was.
As it was, he suffered a long term of imprisonment and afterwards returned to England a morose and disappointed man.
Incredible as it may appear to the moralists, I had sustained no external hallmark by my term of imprisonment, and I am vain enough to believe that the evil which I did had not a separate existence in my face.
Rania Fahmy (right) with officials at the National Council for Women - Press photo The first harassment law in Egypt was issued in June 2014 during the rule of interim President Adly Mansour, which states that the minimum term of imprisonment for the criminal is six months or the payment of a fine between LE 3,000-5,000 ($170-284).
He said the clamp-down on the suspects was hinged on the CBN Act, section 20 and 21, in which section 20(4), makes it an offence punishable by a term of imprisonment not less than five (5) years for any person to falsify, make or counterfeit any Bank Notes or coin issued by the Bank.
Her solicitor Mike Sisson-Pell explained that she last troubled the courts in 2014 when she received a term of imprisonment.
There will also be a requirement that every term of imprisonment imposed on a person for these offences be served cumulatively to any other sentences served.
She said: "As you are fully aware, this a very serious matter, and I know you will have received advice that the most likely scenario is an immediate term of imprisonment.
According to the STL Rules of Procedure and Evidence, the maximum penalty that can be imposed on a person found guilty of contempt shall be a term of imprisonment not exceeding seven years, or a fine not exceeding '100,000, or both.
The same is true for modern American law, with its stringent sentencing guidelines ordering a certain term of imprisonment for any given crime.