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Until World War II, ammunition was treated as all other commodities flowing through an ocean terminal.
The new, state-of the-art terminal, and increased service into and out of New York City, is the latest improvement to JFK, and will help secure the City's position as the world's greatest place to visit and do business.
The NTAVO PXE terminal (NTA-6010P) addresses the need to integrate remote accessibility into networked terminals with the Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE).
Most of the best deals in these terminals are same-day discounts; no one plans a family trip for next year at Lawson, but budget-minded businesspeople, the backpacking set and couples looking for an upscale place to "rest" may check the terminals on a whim to see what's available that day.
Reactivate the historic terminal as a waterfront gateway that serves as a well-conceived transportation terminal and a mixed-use community hub.
The project was done by JFK International Air Terminal LLC, a private consortium consisting of Schiphol USA, the U.