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The majority of nondisabled subjects (27) wished at some point during a task that they had been using the other terminal device. Specifically, many subjects preferred the VO prehensor for tasks that required object rotation.
In test I, the mean air velocity and the airflow rate are higher in the lower exit air terminal device than the upper exit air terminal device, while in test II the opposite is verified.
The application of mobileGPS is a solution made for mobile terminal devices in order to create the geo-referenced audio-video recording.
The effect, studied by Lake, of a subject's previous experience with a specific terminal device could also be minimized [4].
Wong, MIC senior analyst, says restructuring of the IT service business model is very likely due to continued global attention to cloud computing, rising attention on private-enterprise cloud computing, intensive construction of cloud services by IT hardware makers, and increasingly popular and diversifying cloud services for terminal devices. However, fluctuating global economy, natural disasters, and unpredictable supply of energy and raw material might burden costs to impact enterprises' IT investment decisions.
To sign up over 25 million registered users of its 3G services by the end of the year, the company plans to launch over 80 models of 3G terminal devices in the country this year, with its independently developed smartphone, fertile Phone, or known as Wal-Phone, regarded as the ace in the hole.
"ZTE will provide consumers with a series of diversified 5G terminal devices, including the 5G Smartphone, 5G Indoor Router, 5G Outdoor Router, 5G Mobile Wi-Fi Router, 5G Ethernet Box and 5G Module, so as to empower the future connected life and accelerate the digital transformation."
In addition to the prominent 5G smartphone, ZTE also provides a series of diversified 5G terminal devices, such as 5G Indoor Router, 5G Outdoor Router, 5G Mobile Wi-Fi Router, 5G Ethernet Box and 5G Module, as well as 5G modules adapted for industrial use cases, boosting the digital transformation of the diverse industries.
iQIYI announced at the Mobile World Conference in Shanghai that it has reached a strategic partnership with China Unicom to establish a joint R&D center for the innovation and application of 5G in terminal devices. Under the partnership, both parties will partner on technology development, including 5G network slicing, 5G Multi-access Edge Computing, or MEC, big data, MR/AR/VR, as well as 4K/8K UHDV, and jointly establish a 5G terminal R&D center.
Systemair produces fans, air terminal devices, air handling units, air curtains, radiant heaters, fan heaters, convectors, fan heaters and dehumidifiers.
DigiCert is a certificate authority (CA) that enables trusted communications between website servers and terminal devices such as browsers and smartphones.
The pumps supply chilled water to the heat exchanger, air handlers, and other types of terminal devices which cool the air in their respective space.

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