terminal point

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Services, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 28A, 30, 35, 53, 54 (to Cyncoed) 86 and 95 (towards Heath Hospital) will start and end at the terminal point on Greyfriars Road.
It will feed 27 terminal points and four make-up carousels.
Other technique systems identified as primarily used for patient care included Active Release Technique (n = 5%), Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (n = 4%), Thompson Terminal Point (n = 2%), Cox-Flexion Distraction (n = 1%) and Gonstead (n = 1%).
The method presented here is applied in concrete case of a steel frame in a "U" shape with unequal sides and rigid fixed in the terminal points (figure 2).
All in all, then, the active/passive system and the direct/inverse system are controlled by a similar principle based on the discourse relevance of the origin of an action relative to the patient terminal point.
All of this adds complexity to Lee's seemingly simple or innocent choice to relocate Clockers to Brooklyn, especially the area's significance as a terminal point of sorts.
Contemplation of Christ, of course, has no terminal point.
Furthermore, every terminal point can be marked using self-adhesive marker strips, thereby ensuring that the wiring is clear.
It will reach its terminal point with thorough obliteration of the incumbent rulers," PAT Chairman Dr.
Alternative routes include the 13-lane Business Bay Crossing, the Floating Bridge linking the terminal point of Al Ittihad Road near City Centre to Al Riyadh Road in Bur Dubai and Emirates Road, which the RTA has widened from three to six lanes on each side, up to the Arabian Ranches Interchange.
His vision of an impacted, hypertrophied urbanism as capitalism's nightmarish terminal point is, of course, a venerable one.
25 percent full-scale terminal point accuracy: multiple engineering units; ranges from vacuum through 20,000 psi, including compound ranges; a tamper-resistant re-zeroing feature: a percent-of-range bar graph: and a weatherproof case to IP 65.