terminate work

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Joining Semple in voting to terminate work on the proposal were Mike Clark and Betty Taylor.
The CFPUA may terminate work or pursue other consultant selections at any phase of the project.
Immediately after the completion of Haj rituals, the General Directorate of Passports started sending text messages to sponsors and employers asking them to terminate work contracts with their expatriate employees who performed Hajj illegally.
The agreement should also list the contractor's rights if the owner does not pay on time, such as interest, attorneys' fees or the right to suspend or terminate work.
Working with environmental groups and regulators, Coeur developed a modified tailings disposal plan in early 2008, but opted last fall to terminate work on that plan.
Majority (31%) claimed to use emergency light in order to continue working when there is a power shortage while 21 percent claimed to either work during the day time or terminate work during load shedding and 16 percent said they make use of gas lamps, Generators and UPS are only used by five percent and six percent respectively.
Turns out this isn't the first time he's reacted badly to clients' efforts to terminate work with him.
Terminate work covered by the stop work order as provided for in the termination for
It is scheduled to begin the GOK s construction in 2013 and to terminate work in 2016.