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Under term contracts of no more than two years, an employee contract is terminated if the term of the contract expires, if an employer and employee mutually agree to end the contract, if either party acts unilaterally to terminate the contract or renewal, but complies with legal consequences of early termination including notification in writing at least one month in advance and no longer than three months.
In accordance with the principles of freedom of contract, parties to construction contracts frequently agree on the circumstances upon which the construction contract may be terminated, together with the compensation regime.
This agreement shall indicate the date when the contract shall be terminated as well as other conditions of the termination of the contract.
An employment contract can be implied in fact when the employee has enjoyed longevity at the company and the employer has, over the course of many years, made statements or undertaken acts that suggest the employee will only be terminated for cause.
For financial reporting purposes, a plan of involuntary termination is defined as a plan that (a) identifies, at a minimum, the number of employees to be terminated, the job classifications or functions that will be affected and their locations, and when the terminations are expected to occur and (b) establishes the terms of the termination benefits in sufficient detail to enable employees to determine the type and amount of benefits they will receive if they are involuntarily terminated.
In cases where a distributor has made a substantial investment of time, money of effort to develop a market for a supplier's products, courts have imposed restrictions on a supplier's right to terminate its distributor even if the supplier has terminated in accordance with the agreement--indeed, even if the distributor has breached the contract.
13, 2003, the following firms were terminated from the AICPA peer review program.
The PHA terminated the subject's Section 8 funding, and the subject left within a month.
The Subversive Activities Control Board -- terminated.
Administration of RSD1235 terminated atrial fibrillation in all subjects in a dose dependent manner, with half terminated at a dose of 1mg/kg and 90% terminated at 2mg/kg.
This occurs even though each item on the bus has its own ID and only the last item is terminated, with the SCSI controller providing its termination.

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