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Prior to terminating a contract, the terminating party must ensure that it has the legal right to do so and strictly follows any contractually agreed procedures (such as notice requirements).
The fact that the terminating event or invalidity of the election was not reasonably within the control of the corporation and, in the case of a termination, was not part of a plan to terminate the election, or the fact that the terminating event or circumstance took place without the corporation's knowledge, notwithstanding its due diligence to safeguard itself against such an event or circumstance, tends to establish that the termination or invalidity of the election was inadvertent (Regs.
708 (b) (1) (B) and its regulations create numerous issues as to the proper tax treatment of depreciable tangible property owned by the terminating partnership, particularly when changing its accounting method for such property.
While it is not usually required to give warnings to employees before terminating them if they are at-will employees, it's usually wise to do so.
Seven in 10 women in a diverse sample of prenatal care patients said that they would consider terminating a subsequent pregnancy, but among this group, the proportions who would consider having an abortion for various reasons ranged widely.
Build four large/huge car parks with bus interchange facilities (nothing fancy) for all transport entering the city from the following sectors: Waterloo and Walton terminating in Kirkdale (Rotunda /Sandhills); Kirkby and West Derby terminating in Anfield (Belmont Road area); Old Swan and Allerton terminating in Edge Hill (Tunnel road area); Mossley Hill and Aigburth terminating in the Dingle area.
The key to the panels' versatility is the selection of inter-changeable couplers for terminating the different types of cabling hardware.
I will review below a couple of hurdles to the termination of non-renewal of Japanese distributors and offer some tips on the selection of distributors and the structuring and administration of distribution agreements, all to improve your prospects of successfully terminating your Japanese distributor and moving to a new sales channel.
The document provides guidance for planning, establishing, maintaining, and terminating interconnections between information technology (IT) systems that are owned and operated by different organizations.
The appeals court held that the county had valid non-pretextual reasons for terminating the officer, based on poor performance and non-hearing-related safety concerns.
This insulation displacement connector (IDC) is designed for terminating discrete wires or multiconductor ribbon cables.
(NRT-TSE), Vancouver, Canada, has announced that its clinical candidate, RSD1235, showed efficacy in terminating atrial fibrillation (AF).