termination of membership

See: expulsion
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It may be stated here that the by-elections were being heldin NA(108) due to the termination of membership of Ejaz Chaudhry, PTI , by competentauthority for holding fake degree.
Termination of membership for non-payment of dues within the time prescribed in Section 3 of this Article III is automatic and not subject to the procedures stated herein.
The party has sought termination of membership of four of its MLAs for casting their votes in favour of Independent candidates in the recent Rajya Sabha by-elections despite the fact that altogether 18 of its legislators had done so.
Over the 2014-2015 investment program is prepared for the existing installed base of equipment for renewing the operating system (Windows XP) on the termination of membership.
But the alternative punishment, sparked by their failure to pay millions of pounds of tax last season, could be suspension or termination of membership if the case reverts to an appeals panel.
But termination of membership would allow newco Rangers an appeal to the SFA Board - who could arrive at a different determination again from either the Judicial Panel or the Appellate Tribunal.
Included is a maximum fine of pounds 100,000, suspension or expulsion from the game, ejection from Scottish Cup and/or termination of membership.
The EU needs strict rules for financial discipline and reforms, and member states that do not follow them need to be punished, including by termination of membership.
The members of the Kyrgyz Parliament will consider pre-term termination of membership of MP Bakyt Beshimov of the Social Democratic Party in Parliament.
The Hearing Board has the responsibility to hear the complaint; decide if one or more of the articles of the Code has been violated; and establish disciplinary action, which can be a letter of censure, suspension or termination of membership status.
If FutureFuel doesn't sign the settlement agreement, however, the board "will proceed with termination of membership .
Booths' termination of membership will have no material effect on the group's operations as Booths stopped buying from us a long time ago," said Neil Turton, chief executive officer of Nisa-Today's.

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