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Cessation; conclusion; end in time or existence.

When used in connection with litigation, the term signifies the final determination of the action.

The termination or cancellation of a contract signifies the process whereby an end is put to whatever remains to be performed thereunder. It differs from Rescission, which refers to the restoration of the parties to the positions they occupied prior to the contract.

The termination of a lease refers to the severance of the Landlord and Tenant relationship before the leasehold term expires through the ordinary passage of time.


noun abatement, adjournment, cancellation, climax, close, completion, conclusion, confine, consummation, culmination, denouement, discharge, discontinuance, effect, end, ending, end of the matter, end result, epilogue, expiration, finale, finality, finish, lapse, limit, outcome, pay-off, sequel, stoppage, terminal, upshot, windup
Associated concepts: termination of a contract, termination of employment, termination of parental rights
See also: abatement, adjournment, barrier, border, cancellation, close, conclusion, death, denouement, destination, desuetude, discharge, discontinuance, end, expiration, extremity, finality, frontier, halt, lapse, moratorium, outcome, performance, relinquishment, rescision, resignation, result
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The IRS granted inadvertent termination relief under Sec.
411(d)(3), which requires that a qualified plan provide that, on plan termination, "the rights of all affected employees to benefits accrued to the date of such termination .
A problem may also arise in unconditional terminations, which are effective upon recording the plan, when the anticipated sale of the condominium property fails.
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Part I of this two-part article discusses developments in S eligibility, election and termination issues during the past year (July 2005-June 2006), including changes related to the American Jobs Creation of Act of 2004 (AJCA), a notice that explains the family shareholder election procedure, and a case on permitted year-ends for S corporations.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on September 26, 2005, the termination of the enforcement actions listed below.
In addition, all proposed terminations or non-renewals of distributors should be subjected to legal review to ensure that they comply with legal requirements and contractual terms.
A: Passive termination is a resistor stack: Termpwr (4.
RF detection requires extra coupled or circulated ports or high power attenuators in place of terminations to obtain a low level signal sample suitable for low power detectors.