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Cessation; conclusion; end in time or existence.

When used in connection with litigation, the term signifies the final determination of the action.

The termination or cancellation of a contract signifies the process whereby an end is put to whatever remains to be performed thereunder. It differs from Rescission, which refers to the restoration of the parties to the positions they occupied prior to the contract.

The termination of a lease refers to the severance of the Landlord and Tenant relationship before the leasehold term expires through the ordinary passage of time.

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There were 654 terminations in South Lanarkshire - down from 673 in 2016.
There were 811 terminations in North Lanarkshire - a rise of 751 from 2016.
Steven Geller, whose constituency included older oceanfront condominiums in Hallandale Beach, spearheaded an amendment to [section]718.117 of the Condominium Act (termination statute) permitting termination of condominiums by 80 percent of the owners if more than 10 percent of the owners did not object.
Alternatively, any termination by the Contractor is likely to emanate from the nonpayment of sums due to the Contractor.
In this case, though, ignore the central termination where solder may not have been placed in this sample and look at the edge terminations.
Preventing self-induced pregnancy terminations can reduce the trauma and costs of treating preterm babies only for them to die later.
It is submitted that the ordinary meaning of the words 'termination of pregnancy' as defined in the CTOP are broad enough to encompass terminations through caesarian section in the third trimester for the reasons set out above.
Return loss measurements were taken for two different IMS chip terminations. Figure 5 shows typical return loss up to 3 GHz for a chip without a matching section.
The termination of a distribution agreement, particularly in a market as important as Japan, is a potentially momentous event.
On October 5, 2005, the Federal Reserve Board announced the termination of the following enforcement action.
This product is fully qualified per IEEE-48, Class I terminations.