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Candidates such as child, volume, reduction, effect or patient are less relevant for a terminologist and in this experiment they are considered false positives as well, irrespective of the fact that, again, the Mosby dictionary also includes these five examples as entries.
Hence, terminology must adopt social, linguistic and cognitive perspectives which, somehow, equate the workings of terminologists and linguists; (ii) the segmental dictionary should adopt a pedagogical approach, particularly because they should serve a new breed of users: students, would-be professionals, and translators.
Katsos, USAR, is the Department of Defense Terminologist located on the Joint Staff, and a Deputy Director of Civil Military Training for the Innovative Readiness Training program at the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
The contract relates to three (3) different bidding zones - Standard Developer, Standardtillmpare and terminologist and begreppsmodellr in the field PLCS.
For instance, the task variety associated with a translation professional playing the role of a terminologist is very different from the tasks associated with the role of a project manager.
f) the specialized revision of the translation followed by stylistic revision (legal reviser, linguistic reviser and terminologist needed); (4)
Doctrinal Term Discussion/Rationale/New Definition Terminologist Comments Intelligence Analysis: The process by which collected information is evaluated and integrated with existing information to facilitate intelligence production.
the terminologist, like the lexicographer, usually starts from an existing body of terms to start with" (Sager 1990: 56).
The post-editor must also be a terminologist, or have faith that the terminology in the machine's dictionary is accurate and up-to-date.
USAF, is a DOD Terminologist and Joint Doctrine Planner in the Joint Chiefs of Staff J7, Joint Doctrine Branch.