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Another possible use would be to relieve the debts of certain countries by exchanging them for termless obligations at lower rates.
"Uzbekistan hopes this ceasefire will become termless," the Ministry said.
It has the provision saying the law is termless and is not subject to denunciation.
Saving accounts, payment accounts, termless deposits, mixed deposits and investments funds feature among the legal alternatives banks offer so that this tax can be reduced or avoided.
Nine women went on a termless hunger strike at the central square of Jalal-Abad city on October 8 to support arrested MP Kamchybek Tashiev (Ata Jurt).
Zamandash political party announces the beginning of termless campaign "for transparent elections", said co-chairman of the party Stanislav Yepifantsev at a press conference in Bishkek on March 15.
Tursunbai Bakir uulu's another proposal was to eliminate the line showing the expiry date of the passport and to make the passports termless.
The Members of the Parliament decided to not tax the so-called termless deposits, saving accounts, child savings and current accounts.
MP Ainura Altybaeva (Ar Namys) said the termless strike started at the Kumtor mine yesterday.
The production process at the company was suspended on Sunday evening due to a termless strike of the workers.
Protesters at the central square of Osh city today announced a termless rally in support of MPs Kamchibek Tashiev and Jyldyz Joldosheva.
The labor unions staged an effective, mass, termless strike after the early November notice of the management of the heavily indebted state-owned railway company BDZ Holding that it intended to lay off 2 000 workers, and reduce the number of trains in operation by 150 (later scaled down to 138) by January 2012.