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Seeing then, I said, that there are three distinct classes, any meddling of one with another, or the change of one into another, is the greatest harm to the State, and may be most justly termed evil-doing?
And the greatest degree of evil-doing to one's own city would be termed by you injustice?
Admitting this to be true of desire generally, let us suppose a particular class of desires, and out of these we will select hunger and thirst, as they are termed, which are the most obvious of them?
Nevertheless I should still maintain, that of relatives some have a quality attached to either term of the relation; others are simple and have their correlatives simple.
The object of science is knowledge (assuming that to be the true definition), but the object of a particular science is a particular kind of knowledge; I mean, for example, that the science of house-building is a kind of knowledge which is defined and distinguished from other kinds and is therefore termed architecture.
My meaning was, that if one term of a relation is taken alone, the other is taken alone; if one term is qualified, the other is also qualified.
"Such distinguished people to know," remarked Sarah, straightening herself in the chair; "and on such gratifying terms of equality too!"
"Yes, yes; the terms, in every sense, are tempting enough," I replied impatiently.
Can he serve a third consecutive term of office, given the constitutional proscription that senators shall serve only two consecutive terms?
Incumbents whose terms expire this year and who have yet to return papers include: Moderator Paul M.
From the perspective of Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management, who could be more "expert" than the vendors who service the field every day and whose economic survival depends on their correct reading of things?
Recently, we received a complaint about the term "sodo-matrimony," which has appeared in our articles from time to time.