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More likely, though, is that P-E multiples will change as investors revise their outlook for long-term growth and returns, which suggests that delivering only in the near term is not sufficient to drive sustained value growth.
6 in 1999, and the mean number of terms in unique queries was 2.
In 1994, 59 percent of Idaho voters approved an initiative limiting terms for federal elected officials, state constitutional officers, members of the state legislature, local government officials, and school district officials.
The term "long-term care," in itself, means different things to different people, and this has made it difficult for people to focus on the issue.
Another important indicator of premium adequacy, and perhaps the easiest to use objectively, is the Long Term Care Insurance Experience Reports, published annually by the NAIC.
The sublease requires FM to make fixed, annual rental payments over both the primary term and (if exercised) the put renewal term.
Meanwhile, some representatives of the core group called Long-Term Capital to discuss the terms and conditions of the consortium approach.
The limit for the state Senate is two terms (eight years).
Activity that suggests itself or is recommended to the defense team can be examined in terms of the likelihood that it will advance the case toward the long-term goal.
When the order comes in, your customer usually indicates that it is subject to his terms and conditions of sale, frequently printed on the back side of the purchase order form.
Last year, California, Colorado and Oklahoma approved term limits for their state legislatures, and as many as 15 more states may vote on the issue this year.