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I only thought that you might think it for your interest to let your man to us on the terms proposed.
Garth got the assurance he desired, namely, that in case of Bulstrode's departure from Middlemarch for an indefinite time, Fred Vincy should be allowed to have the tenancy of Stone Court on the terms proposed.
Nicholas assenting to the terms proposed, the benefit was had, and by it he realised no less a sum than twenty pounds.
The 30-year-old has entered the last four months of his deal after he rejected fresh terms proposed in September.
Counsel for the EFCC, Mr Nnaemeka Omewa, told the court that as the settlement terms proposed by the defendants did not comply with the provisions of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act on a plea bargain.
Teaching assistants say they are facing salary cuts of up to 23% if they agree to the new terms proposed by the council.
Oelmek and Oltek said they accepted the employment terms proposed by the ministry, the latter on condition it was only applied to this school year.
Payment terms proposed by developers have become a key focus and priority for consumers, as well as investors seeing a limited cash flow that will actually increase the return on investment with time.
On Tuesday, Tsipras said he was forced to choose between the tough terms proposed by the international lenders and bankruptcy that would be followed by Greece's exit from the Eurozone.
Mr Barrett concludes his statement of reasons with a warning that the "decision to enter into the proposed settlement agreement with the chief executive on the financial terms proposed, if implemented, would involve the council incurring expenditure which is unlawful".
CSR's directors consider the terms proposed by Qualcomm to be fair and reasonable and intend to recommend that shareholders vote in favour of the offer.
We are working with our business partners to resolve the issue, and many of them have agreed to settle and take advantage of the beneficial terms proposed by the City.