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Boreal Mountain Resort: This season, the resort becomes the third all-mountain terrain park in the world, joining Southern California's Bear Mountain and Snowpark in New Zealand.
Geospatial information and services (GI & S) provide the foundational basis for C2 decisions in all phases of the OODA loop, helping soldiers understand the lay of the land and act on that understanding, in both open and rolling terrain and urban and complex terrain.
Even so, detailed 3D terrain models were rare until the 1940s because of the difficulty in their manufacture.
Ditch Witch marketing personnel are careful not to position the All Terrain unit as the answer to all rock drilling conditions.
notes that plans to sample Mars are focusing on the southern highlands, whose older terrain is more likely to reveal what conditions were several billion years ago.
At the base of the new expansion terrain, the development of South Peak Resort, by Centex Destination Properties, into a four-season luxury mountain destination.
Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive 2016 GMC Terrain vehicles are currently available on the Craig Dunn lot, and even new models are available with several hundreds of dollars in discounts as compared to the manufacture's suggested retail price.
You'll also find telemark skiers here, some who even ski the terrain park.
First, we need to address terrain data applications to establish the relevance of this product to the warfighter.
The user selected target routes of interest in a one-meter terrain dataset, and the system calculated hit probabilities for each route point from all possible attack positions within a four-kilometer radius.
There is a measurable sub segment of the market that addresses all terrain vehicles.
Right away the 2014 GMC Terrain jumps out to an early lead with its powerful V-6 engine that makes 301 horsepower and 272 pound-feet of torque.