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1) Terrene, de Kelly Richardson, a ete presente au Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, a Guelph, du 22 janvier au 27 mars 2015.
Like a seasonal waterway, American Indian worldviews continue to flow, albeit in the sub terrene.
e in questi ci abituiamo, che nd salutevol consiglio, ne altro ce ne puo rivocare; e cosi, come se veduto avessimo il Gorgone, sassei diventiamo, cioe ostinati cultivatori delle cose terrene (38-39).
Then march'd I into Egypt and Arabia; And here, not far from Alexandria, Whereas the Terrene and the Red Sea meet, Being distant less than full a hundred leagues, I meant to cut a channel to them both, That men might quickly sail to India.
lt;<La legittima autonomia delle realta terrene.
Note 2: Although there is not a terrene border for Hainan, we still include it in this study.
Dextral shear, terrene accretion and basin formation in the Northern Andes: best explained by interaction with a Pacific-derived Caribbean Plate.
13) "It must be owned, the wise men of old, who followed the light of nature, saw even by that light, that the soul of man was debased, and borne downwards, contrary to its natural bent, by carnal and terrene objects" (1650-1750.
L'insegnamento della Costituzione pastorale Gaudium et spes circa il rapporto della Chiesa con il mondo contemporaneo e il compito dei fedeli di essere presenti nelle realta terrene con rispetto e sincerita, operando per un coerente orientamento a Dio, richiama l'attualita e il compito specifico e proprio degli Istituti secolari.
By the end, the First Encyclopaedia of Tlon--at first known only through a copy of its Eleventh Volume, mysteriously dispatched from Brazil--has become a full terrene reality, manifesting in all forty volumes in Memphis, Tennessee and offered as an embodiment of an enormous project involving 300 collaborators called Orbis Tertius--described as "la obra mas vasta que han acometido los hombres" (Borges 1971d: 32) ("the vastest undertaking ever carried out by man"--English tr.