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Local terrestrial TV stations at one point were the main source of entertainment and information for people in the Arab World.
The boom in the supply of free satellite TV channels in the Arab region seems to have stifled the terrestrial TV landscape, said the Arab Advisors Group report.
There are 120 terrestrial TV stations broadcasting in nineteen different Arab countries.
The order consists of 62 (31 pairs of main and backup systems) digital terrestrial television transmitter systems ranging in output from 1.
With devices like the iPod, people are seeing alternative ways of enjoying music that terrestrial radio isn't supplying.
Toyama and Ibaraki prefectures will join the three major cities as areas where terrestrial digital broadcasting services are available.
The tuner/demodulator products are intended for terrestrial and digital cable compatible TV, set-top box, and PC-DTV (personal computer-digital television) products for countries using the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) and the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting Project-T) standards.
In these regions, most rabies deaths associated with bats in nonhuman terrestrial mammals are also associated with virus variants specific to these two bat species rather than more common bat species; outside of these regions, more common bat rabies viruses contribute to most transmissions.
According to the government plan, terrestrial digital broadcasting is due to start in three major cities -- Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya -- in December 2003, and every TV program in Japan will be digitalized by 2011.
The new findings do not directly refute the notion of Martian microfossils, but they do raise the possibility that terrestrial organisms infiltrated the rock.
Those in the know refer to two types of broadcasting: terrestrial (or traditional radio) and cyber.

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