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A spokesman for Channel 5 said, "It would be nice to be able to broadcast to the whole of Wales terrestrially but we can't now as there isn't enough frequency space available to us.
More importantly, the 16% of the population that will be unable to access digital television terrestrially as a result of geographical limitations will access free-to-air television and public radio stations through the platform.
C4 is great - goes without saying - but we need all courses covered terrestrially. If BBC can't get its act together, give the National to C4!
Bromeliads in the genus Alcantarea are native to eastern Brazil, where they grow terrestrially in open places.
Clearly defining the extent of this authority for each system allocated to a theater, based either in space or terrestrially, becomes extremely important to avoid confusion and maintain unity of both command and effort.
JUNE: Renewal of five-year license to broadcast terrestrially in France.
GBI is the lone operator that provides flawless links between Europe and the entire Gulf regions through the Mediterranean, Egypt and the Red Sea, or terrestrially through Turkey and Iraq.
He said what made the deal with Bags "particularly unpalatable" was that there was no agreement for a fee for terrestrially televised races, which Amrac had promised to work towards.
reducta are always anchored to the ground as these plants grow terrestrially.
Mechanical failures considered minor in terrestrially based equipment can prove catastrophic in space because we cannot service the system hardware.
shows like "Friends" and "The Simpsons" long before they debut terrestrially.
GBI is the only operator to render seamless connectivity from Europe to all of the Gulf countries through the Mediterranean, Egypt and the Red Sea, or terrestrially via Turkey and Iraq.