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Although not an original intent of that study, the abundance of terrestrial invertebrates that had been washed into the streams during the flash-flood events prompted us to analyze the terrestrial invertebrates from our samples to determine the diversity, biomass, and fate of these organisms as terrestrial additions to the stream ecosystem.
Total biomass in each sample was measured in groups of aquatic organisms and groups of terrestrial organisms by blotting all organisms to remove excess alcohol and weighing as a group on a mass balance.
Abundance, taxa, and biomass of invertebrates were each normalized to the terrestrial:total proportion in this analysis because variable sampling effort expended in the variable habitat availability resulted in different numbers of organisms collected.
RESULTS AND DISCUSSION--A total of 84 taxa of aquatic macroinvertebrates were collected, and >140 taxa of terrestrial invertebrates were found in the samples, including adults of taxa wherein the immature stages are aquatic (e.g., Chironomidae).
These >140 terrestrial taxa represented 4 classes, 15 orders, and 80 families.
In the Santa Cruz River watershed, we collected 85 taxa of terrestrial invertebrates, 50 of which were collected only in that watershed.
All terrestrials float at different levels in the surface film.
THOUGH FISHING TERRESTRIALS on the surface is my first choice, there are times when sunken terrestrials are more effective.
Fish subsurface terrestrials as you would a nymph; dead-drift, or employ wet-fly tactics, Most of the time I fish underwater terrestrials on a tight line, with a nearly dead-drift presentation.
ALTHOUGH I SPEND A LOT OF TIME on Cumberland Valley's spring creeks, I also enjoy floating terrestrials on little mountain freestone streams.
On larger streams like the West's Missouri, Snake, and Madison rivers, fish take terrestrials near the banks and in open water.
Jupiter had to form in a few million years because it had to be there while the terrestrial planets were forming.