terrible accident

See: disaster
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At all events, he must have met with some terrible accident, and you ought to see him: he'll take it very unkind if you don't.
In the desert he and Jim had suffered great hardships, but finally they reached this oasis, where a terrible accident befell George Curtis.
It was just as that time that he met with his terrible accident, and the matter was dropped.
He had had a letter from her and feared a terrible accident.
So Ojo related the story of his visit to the house of the Crooked Magician, and how he met there the Glass Cat, and how the Patchwork Girl was brought to life and of the terrible accident to Unc Nunkie and Margolotte.
This supports the theory they had fallen as a result of a terrible accident.
It was a terrible accident and left us all devastated," he says.
Justin Ross Harris told police after pulling his lifeless son from the car in Georgia, US, that it was an terrible accident.
For Otis, the loss was his little brother, Mason, due to a terrible accident.
L'avocat de Michael Schumacher a ete force de reveler quelques informations sur l'etat de sante du septuple champion du monde de F1, plus de deux ans apres son terrible accident de ski.
Shocking without being too graphic and moving without being overly sentimental, this was a gripping, exciting and dramatic portrayal of the aftermath of a terrible accident, right through to the casualty undergoing surgery.