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It's simply terrifc and perfect for the claustrophobic confines of the chosen venue.
Meanwhile, veteran centre-back and skipper rafael Marquez has been rolling back the years with some terrifc displays for his team.
The Magpies manager addedL "I think he is a terrifc lad and it is unlike him.
However, as the steam coming from Layla's ears will attest, Mark's terrifc chilli could defnitely give it a run for its money.
Carl Ikeme then prevented the home side going ahead in the third minute when he pulled off a terrifc save from Gary Locke's free-kick.
Francois Cottin, trainer of Princesse D'Anjou "She's in great shape, really terrifc form.
It felt like a well-functioning partnership broken apart, or perhaps a well-oiled dance company parting to lead separate lives, mirroring the presumed fate of Shick's terrifc ensemble.
We've got three terrifc home league games now with Arsenal and United also due.