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For an instant they recoiled before my terrific onslaught, and in that instant the green warrior rose to the occasion and, springing to my side, laid to the right and left of him as I had never seen but one other warrior do, with great circling strokes that formed a figure eight about him and that never stopped until none stood living to oppose him, his keen blade passing through flesh and bone and metal as though each had been alike thin air.
There was no chance to wield a blade in the face of that terrific onslaught, for the whip fell, not with the ordinary force of a man-held lash, but with all the stupendous power of those giant shoulders and arms behind it.
When Tarzan reached the trench and emerged into it there was no one in sight in that particular bay, nor in the next, nor the next as he hurried forward in the direction of the German center; but in the fourth bay he saw a dozen men jammed in the angle of the traverse at the end while leaping upon them and rending with talons and fangs was Numa, a terrific incarnation of ferocity and ravenous hunger.
Gerda well remembered how large and strange the snow-flakes appeared when she once saw them through a magnifying-glass; but now they were large and terrific in another manner--they were all alive.
It is beyond price, which you will acknowledge is a terrific overrating, but which I cannot help, for it is the life that is in me that makes the rating.
Skate On was a terrific bitch during her racing career who maybe didn't quite get the credit she deserved from some quarters.
4) However, there are adjectives that also fulfill an intensifying function, such as terrific in "terrific despair"; these are usually referred to as 'intensifying' (cf.
Steven Naismith was also terrific, Gareth Barry very influential and Romelu Lukaku more like last season's Lukaku.
And Gerrard, who fired Liverpool's second goal from the penalty spot in the Premier League win, said of the former Manchester City striker: "I thought he was terrific.
Game Of Thrones" is a terrific show, "Mad Men" is a terrific show, "The Good Wife" is a terrific show and we are pretty good too and all could not be more different," Fellowes said to Express.
It is as important now as it was in 1994 when they first appeared to have multicultural Britain reflected in popular literature and these books about Maxine and her brothers, the Terrific Twins, are perfect for newly confident readers and as much lively fun as ever.
They will all be tested against United who have some terrific talent.