territorial division

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On the other hand, Musa Xhaferi, Minister of Local Sef-Government explains that the municipalities' demand for territorial division will be reviewed according to law.
The subject of the contract includes repairs where necessary, including avtotenekidzhiyski Repairs and supply and installation of spare parts, supplies and accessories for motor vehicles for the needs of the territorial division "State Forestry - Tran" under conditions in Technical Specification (Annex 8) .
Tenders are invited for survey and demarcation of rf boundary and providing and fixing of rcc pillars in haliyal territorial/wildlife dandeli/yellapur territorial division during the year 2017-18.
There are 12 territorial divisions in the force and thus the 414 calls per day work out roughly at 35 per division per day over a 24-hour period.
The county maps were the first consistent attempt to show territorial divisions, but it was Speed's town plans that were a major innovation and probably his greatest contribution to British cartography.
Headed up by highly-experienced Insp Ashley Farrington, it will see the separate licensing units in the force's territorial divisions replaced by a new central licensing unit.
Air Operations Unit spokesman, Acting Sergeant Andy Broadhead, said: ``It is our intention to assist territorial divisions in crime reduction, to provide reassurance to local businesses and reduce the fear of crime within communities.

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