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He had to flee because he was arrested for his work supplying information and writing reports about the government's terrorisation of the Kurdish people.
An editorial of the UAE's Al-Khaleej says: "Freedom, democracy, the rule of law and other such promises have been transformed in the occupation's lexicon into violations, invasions, sieges, curfews, bombardments from Apache helicopters and the terrorisation of a people".
We are winning the war on terrorisation of the world slowly but surely, week by month, day by hour, 25 hours a day.
Especially as in the same decade the prevalence of Rachman-type terrorisation of statutory tenants led most of us to conclude that the private rental market was something we all had to avoid or escape.
Kenneth Simons points out that community unifying strategy of non-violent resistance and non-cooperation of the majority Albanian population with the officials and security forces of the Republic of Serbia, remains inflexible since it does not leave a place for dialogue with local minorities and their protection from terrorisation after the unconvincing disarnament of KLA.
In the first case, "pure indifference" to any desire to terrorize a population beyond the immediate victim of violence, Wilkinson says that "if there is no aim to instill terror then the violence is not of a terroristic nature." The "instrumental relationship" between the terrorist and the media, which Wieviorka places only in his third category, is said by Wilkinson to be "intrinsic to the very activity of terrorisation" (Wilkinson 1997).
As the army, with the inevitable political commissars and secret-police in its train, seized control of the main cities, the tragedy entered its bloody second phase, the systematic machine-gunning and terrorisation of the populace, coupled with the ruthless seeking-out and summary execution of any Taiwan intellectuals thought to be in sympathy with the insurgents.