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If you want your child to love themselves and others, it is essential that you do not terrorise them into doing what you want (or you must let them have their feelings about your violence if, occasionally, you do terrorise them).
They are creating panic in the people by committing such types of offences by killing civilians or common people to terrorise them.
I am sick of seeing the same anarchy in South Wales where swaggering gangs of thugs terrorise their own neighbourhoods and estates.
Troublemakers who terrorise families have been given one last chance to either behave or be booted out of their homes.
They're used as weapons to intimidate and terrorise.
BRITISH Apache helicopters last night bombed a military base used by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces to terrorise local people.
The deception had no legitimate purpose except to terrorise countries that (a) produce oil, (b) harbour Al Qaeda, or (c) threaten Israel.
The peace in a quiet village cul-de-sac near Stourbridge has been shattered by a group of teenage yobs who terrorise residents late at night.