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He said: "The camp has been used to terrorise the local population.
If 250 police can drag two innocent Muslims out of their house as 'terror suspects' why can't they drag off our streets these others who - and there's no 'suspect' about it - terrorise our towns?
Yes, certainly there must be swifter action to remove dogs that are being used to intimidate and terrorise others.
We'll show you what we do to those who terrorise America
These boys must be stopped before they terrorise other children.
And a month after Liam was stabbed and almost killed by hoodie Little Chrissie, the gang return to the Square to terrorise him.
He hit one officer in the face and when he was eventually restrained, he told them: "If you don't let me go, I'll come back and terrorise Larne.
Find what strength you have to terrorise your enemy and the enemy of God,' he said.