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At one point, he terrorised one motorist so much so that the latter left the Dubai-Al Ain road and entered the Dubai-Hatta road, with the youth chasing him.
In modern times, Hitler terrorised millions, brutally killing 5.
Today we find ourselves increasingly persecuted and terrorised in the name of megalomaniacs who claim that they want to save the planet.
Another teen menace who has terrorised his community has also been locked-up The 14-year-old, has been arrested 40 times in two years and breached his Asbo eight times.
A TEENAGE yob who terrorised a Birkenhead community has been locked up for 13 months after residents took a stand against violent crime.
It was one of the thugs who had terrorised his neighbourhood for years, even stabbing the young father seven months earlier.
THERE is a lot in the news lately about terrorism, but for years the people of certain parts of Huyton have been terrorised by gangs of young white men.
Residents terrorised by gangs will be able to give their evidence by video-tape or from behind a screen.
The men were arrested after a 15-month police investigation into a series of raids which terrorised staff.
RAID Shop staff terrorised by robbers MASKED raiders terrorised shop staff before fleeing with cash from a Tamworth store.
The judge said Kavanagh had terrorised men going about their daily business and "that is why there are courts and police to stop people terrorising people".
CALLOUS Colin Morrison terrorised Glasgow couple Joe Rankin and Angela Clements.