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At one point, he terrorised one motorist so much so that the latter left the Dubai-Al Ain road and entered the Dubai-Hatta road, with the youth chasing him.
For almost 300 years the Vikings terrorised many of the coasts of Europe.
"The targets were located in a very civilian residential area, so people have been terrorised, families terrorised, children terrorised, and of course minor damage to houses around," said Ibrahim.
"On Thursday, the youth terrorised four more women, including one near a bus stop by squeezing their breasts," the Star Online quoted ACP as saying.
Those that you terrorised wouldn't know that one way or the other."
Seventy years ago people were persecuted and terrorised in the name of megalomaniacs who wanted to rule the planet.
A TEENAGE yob who terrorised his neighbourhood has been banned from its streets and businesses.
It was one of the thugs who had terrorised his neighbourhood for years, even stabbing the young father seven months earlier.
THERE is a lot in the news lately about terrorism, but for years the people of certain parts of Huyton have been terrorised by gangs of young white men.
Residents terrorised by gangs will be able to give their evidence by video-tape or from behind a screen.
The men were arrested after a 15-month police investigation into a series of raids which terrorised staff.
YESTERDAY, we reported online that Susan Boyle has been terrorised in her local area by teen neds.