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Wholesale terrorism is the large-scale violence that is carried out by states, as only states have the weaponry to kill on a large scale, (9) and only states can terrorize by the use of torture on an administrative basis.
Why is it that people who terrorize Israelis are called militants, while people who terrorize Americans--such as Osama bin Laden--are called terrorists?
if they can't impose them by force, then they want to terrorize and punish
In the spring of 2004, the abuse of prisoners was front-page news across the country - the use of attack dogs to terrorize, assaults committed by guards, even deaths in custody.
That changed, said Newsweek, after a "sniper; using a high-powered rifle [began] to terrorize the Washington area.
These incidents are shocking not only due to their cruelty and brutality but because the rapes are sanctioned by the military authorities; they are a political form of violation used deliberately to terrorize the civilian population.