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Sisi then interrupts the officer and says: "I know how to win them over, but tell me how do you suggest I terrorize them?
As he writes: "This aspiration to a pure abstraction imposing its laws and its strictures is part of the power of forms, it endows them with the power to terrorize.
These rulers say you can end our fear of terrorism--of sudden, deadly, vicious attacks, a fear new to Americans--by drawing an enormous circle around an area of the world where terrorists come from (Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya) or can be claimed to be connected with (Iraq), and by sending in tanks andplanes to bomb and terrorize whoever lives within that circle.
Palestinian chief Yasir Arafat on Saturday called on his people to terrorize their enemy, as he bitterly marked the founding of Israel 56 years ago.
We cannot be terrorized by fear, nor terrorize in fear.
From Tang's perspective - and that of the murderous oligarchy he serves - Hong Kong's return to Chinese control is meaningless unless Beijing has the means to terrorize the island's residents into submission.
Wholesale terrorism is the large-scale violence that is carried out by states, as only states have the weaponry to kill on a large scale, (9) and only states can terrorize by the use of torture on an administrative basis.