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From Babri to Dadri, the RSS and the BJP have been involved in terrorizing the muslims of India.
Planting hoax bombs with the aim of terrorizing people and subverting public order are punishable under the penal code and the law on protecting society from terrorism", said Legal Affairs Director.
The source reiterated the State of Qatar's firm positions denouncing violence in all its forms and manifestations, and the ensuing fall of victims, property destruction and terrorizing of people.
An official source also stated that after the Homs-Hama-Aleppo international highway was cut off in the area next to the town of Talbisa by armed criminal groups that were terrorizing innocent civilians, a military unity was mobilized to the area to put an end to the armed groups' crime spree and prevent them from cutting off the highway again.
Paul Conspiracy is a gritty murder mystery about a serial killer who has been terrorizing and slaying blue-collar working women of University Avenue of St.
People can feel a lot more secure knowing that these dangerous criminals will not be terrorizing the community for a very long time,'' Burbank Police Chief Tom Hoefel said.
Kendell went on to tell The Advocate, "But the sanctions against Rene Portland for terrorizing a young basketball player are wholly inadequate.
Gundrun comes back to the Jarlshold with Ragnar, the lone survivor of a war band sent to defeat the Snow-Walkers terrorizing the northlands.
I believe that the American people's natural compassion would come to the fore if they truly understood that we are terrorizing other people by our "war on terror.
Chronicling the efforts of a valiant few to sabotage the Nazi war machine, the ruthless terrorizing and murder of an SS Brigadier General assigned to root out and destroy the uprising, and one man's desperate mission that could cost him everything he loves, Streets Of Warsaw is a gripping saga that tells of paying the ultimate price.
Years later Thebes is terrorized by a vile plague and King Oedipus vows to rid the city of the terrorizing plague.
The former is the small-scale violence engaged in by individuals and small groups who have limited capability of terrorizing as compared to states.