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This statement is far too terse to be of much use to a practical person.
THE eponymous debut album from Seattle rockers The Blakes is a terse affair of hard riffs and attitude.
Despite insisting that he would welcome Grant to his staff, Mourinho's terse tone made it clear that he did not want him to have any influence on first-team affairs.
The tale Bielski weaves is haunting and elegiac; her dialogue is terse yet rich.
As many commentators have argued, the passion that Americans exhibited for the Kinsey Reports despite the dense statistics and rather terse prose demonstrates the enormous and unmet appetitive for sexual information.
Nobody wrote messed-up people in a terse, economical style like he did in such novels as The Getaway (so much harder than either film version).
We're shocked that no one at the Gill Foundation, which funded the campaign, anticipated the Christian right's terse, logical response: Puppies aren't born mooing.
8 LA TRAHISON (PHILIPPE FAUCON) A terse, ambiguous, immensely intelligent portrait of harkis during the Algerian war.
His letter was, as always, terse, informative, and friendly.
Part of this comes from the accompaniment of footbeats alternating with terse interstices of silence.
William Forrester, 21, was told ODonOt bother coming back inO in a terse, five-word text from boss Val Livingstone.