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BEIRUT: Lebanon and a number of other countries are failing to comply with international measures governing the diamond trade, a tersely worded report said last week.
During a Vancouver radio interview, Paul Martin, Canada's Prime Minister, defended his involvement in the legislation of same-sex "marriage" by stating, rather tersely, that "what I've got to do is take the widest perspective possible.
His face is indicated so tersely, or sometimes not at all, that it's hard to be sure.
While PA leader Mahmoud Abbas issues tersely worded condemnations of the Feb.
Fernando Fernan Gomez's Defense of Sancho Panza is an adaptation of Cervantes from Spain, while the more tersely titled Sancho Panza, by Yoko Tawada, hails from Japan.
People in the counties want to keep the city people out of their schools and shopping malls,' explains Carol Jackson tersely, using what another Richmonder later describes as 'Richmond "code" for race'.
Bush responded tersely that he only hoped Brazil would be realistic.
Replying to the message, Szabo tersely told Kodak's sensitivity commissars to stop sending him e-mails that he considered "disgusting and offensive.
The introductory painting on the latest tour, tersely called Light, is by the Victorian painter G.
In the tersely written statement, Talisman reiterated that all of the Company's assets are for sale at the right price and routinely evaluates transactions in the normal course of business.
He tersely and insightfully evaluates each of these works, mainly to establish his own recommended synthesis of Christian personalism and profit-sharing capitalism, which he explains clearly and convincingly in part 3.
COM, an Internet furniture retailer based in Framingham, MA, has discontinued operations and laid off 76 of its 88 employees, according to a tersely worded news release issued by the company on Nov.