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Horner, in contrast, defended his position with increasingly tight-lipped terseness, clearly offended at any suggestion his team are dominating the Championship because they have somehow bent the rules.
In verse 55, it is inaccurate to translate zalla as sin and there are just too many words in used here; this significantly contributes to its failure to capture the terseness of the original; compare Stetkevych's translation with that of Murad's:
The biggest problems with the chapter are its terseness and relegation of mention of the key literature to the notes and references.
Christine's following "Rondeau" suggests the haunting repetitive terseness of Emily Dickinson's "Wild Nights": "My love, come yet again this night,/At that same hour I said before.
And there are translations of poems with an East Asian-like brevity and terseness, which, if they had appeared a century earlier, when the originals were written, may even have placed Juhan Liiv among the pioneers of imagism (note the alliteration in the third line):
The ease with which Smith unfurls this knowledge, compared to the terseness of everything else he says, reveals the tickertape of musical calculus running through his head at all times.
From the epigrammatic terseness of Tinashe Muchuri, through the bitter realism of John Eppel's "Pungwe", to the ironic cynicism of Rumbi Katedza's narrator in "Corpse," nearly all the pieces collected here strike notes of exile, homesickness or nostalgia for the Zimbabwe that was, or is yet to be.
Keilson employs a familiar style of documentary terseness, full of short sentences and concrete, matter-of-fact details: "The stranger swept his hand over his hair"; "Then, at around four o'clock, Marie came upstairs with a cup of tea.
The measure in which he writes is his own, and is often no measure at all, but a sort of alliteratives [sic] style, with a certain rough music in it; his style is outside of all rules, transgresses, grammar and rhetoric, it jumbles up slang and vulgarity with choice language, huddles together English and scraps of French and Latin and Spanish in the absurdest fashion, and yet at times has a certain terseness that is telling.
Wisely, Chan underplays his natural warmth for a character whose terseness and eccentric behavior are explained in one of the movieAAEs rare sagging moments.
I hear an increasing terseness in your memos and conversations.
I was convinced that he was a drinker, and that this was what his terseness hid so well, but still I never discovered where exactly he went on his binges.