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Terser offers advertisers and content owners monetization solutions for mobile and desktop-based solutions from video advertising directly with providers of advertising space on the Internet or through third-parties.
On the closing date, a total of approximately NIS 2.1 million in cash will be paid, and Terser will become a fully-owned (100 percent) subsidiary of Somoto.
Given that the economy is still languishing following the Arab Spring, given that tourism is the country's largest source of income, and given that tourists will only continue to flock to Egypt if their civil liberties remain intact, it is not advisable for the organization to saddle up to parties who expound a terser form of Islam.
Frankel provides a brief account of the Waka Enga-inspired version of the cult among the Hulis, while Glasse offers an even terser narrative of the Ipili-inspired version of the cult among the Hulis.
He draws a sharp distinction between polysyllabic Latinate words and terser Anglo-Saxon ones, and he has a clear preference for the latter.
Synthesizing a Terser Yet More Comprehensible Answer for the User
It is still available on Teachit and is a far terser and--I believe--better designed and more user-friendly progression model than APR Alas, it is now Betamax to APP's VHS.
(The first establishes an important harmonic shift to E minor; the second contains the largest complement of pitches to appear in the work and emphasizes the important conflicts between B-flat and B-natural and F and F-sharp that play out during the course of the work.) He also describes the important role that relative lengths of the modules play in establishing a symmetrical design--one that begins and ends with terser rhythmic ideas--and he sensitively covers the harmonic metamorphosis of the music's unfolding while respecting the characteristic ambiguity of the constituent pitch collections.
Ed Satell, president/ceo, Progressive Business Publications, was terser, but also viewed the change as a plus:
These reports tend to be terser, less embellished, and more to the point.
In 1819, Congress adopted a terser statute than the British prototype, authorizing "public armed vessels" to seize "piratical" vessels and permitting the circuit courts to try those who have committed "the crime of piracy, as defined by the law of nations," on the high seas, if they are "brought into or found in the United States.' (105) An 1820 amendment added additional text but kept the basic provisions intact.
(43) Arthur's speech distorts, even upends, that of his much terser counterpart in Malory: "That is trouth, sayd the kynge, and many knyghtes loue is free in hymselfe and neuer willle be bounden; for where he is bounden, he looseth hymself" (18.20).