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Terser offers advertisers and content owners monetization solutions for mobile and desktop-based solutions from video advertising directly with providers of advertising space on the Internet or through third-parties.
1 million in cash will be paid, and Terser will become a fully-owned (100 percent) subsidiary of Somoto.
Ed Satell, president/ceo, Progressive Business Publications, was terser, but also viewed the change as a plus:
These reports tend to be terser, less embellished, and more to the point.
In 1819, Congress adopted a terser statute than the British prototype, authorizing "public armed vessels" to seize "piratical" vessels and permitting the circuit courts to try those who have committed "the crime of piracy, as defined by the law of nations," on the high seas, if they are "brought into or found in the United States.
There is no better, terser, more comprehensive or authoritative introduction to an independent, realistic perspective on the Pentagon--complete with the facts, details, and nuance to give Obama confidence in these views.
43) Arthur's speech distorts, even upends, that of his much terser counterpart in Malory: "That is trouth, sayd the kynge, and many knyghtes loue is free in hymselfe and neuer willle be bounden; for where he is bounden, he looseth hymself" (18.
Nonetheless, as too many mainstream liberal novels continue a slide towards solipsism, the sense beyond those boundaries feels to me less playful and tenser, terser, sharper than it did a few years ago.
It should be a great night - we're even hoping that the Mighty Diamonds will come and join the party," said organiser Terser Adamu of The Mighty Diamonds, whose members Donald "Tabby" Shaw, Fitzroy "Bunny" Simpson and Lloyd "Judge" Ferguson, first got together in Trenchtown in 1969.
The ECJ stems from a less precedential, less adversarial, and terser European civil law tradition.
Among the terser responses were, "A much more tradingoriented order management system" and - even more forthrightly - "Liquidnet, Bloomberg and Reuters.
Sakari Oramo, approaching his penultimate season as the orchestra's music director, conducts the CBSO in Webern's impressive Pas-sacaglia, its length accommodating that of several of the composer's subsequent compositions in his terser, elliptical style and the Fourth Symphony of Brahms, whose finale inspired the piece.