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noun bar, barrier, constraint, constriction, control, damper, determent, deterrence, deterrent, fetter, hindrance, impediment, inhibition, obstacle, obstruction, obtrusion, obviation, predisposition, presumption, prohibition, restraint, restriction, retardation, stoppage, thwarting
See also: bar, barrier, constraint, control, damper, deterrence, deterrent, disadvantage, fetter, frustration, halt, impediment, obstruction, obviation, prohibition, restraint, restriction, stay, veto

PREVENTION, civil and French law. The right of a judge to take cognizance of an action over which he has concurrent jurisdiction with another judge.
     2. In Pennsylvania it has been ruled that a justice of the peace cannot take cognizance of a cause which has been previously decided by another justice. 2 Dall. 77; Id. 114.

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For tertiary prevention, treatment of hepatitis C could prevent the sequelae of chronic hepatitis C infection and prevent further transmission.
In dealing with cervical cancer in Africa, some of the challenges that need to be overcome include: the lack of cervical control policies, strategies and programs; inadequate information and skills to manage the disease; lack of recent and accurate data; high cost of HPV vaccines and unavailability of secondary prevention methods; and the geographical inaccessibility and limited tertiary prevention methods.
This tertiary prevention reduced the need to treat the children in the operating room by 48% at BCH.
Once tertiary prevention is recognized as the best way to control costs and provide superior care, health plans will routinely integrate standardized mental health interventions into primary care practices.
Second, health care professionals focus on tertiary prevention and know very little about primary and secondary prevention, and are especially lacking in nutrition.
Tertiary prevention lies in controlling the possible allergen factors, as well as controlling stress, obesity, acidity, stomach disorders, and taking proper medication.
An intervention like kiR might be considered tertiary prevention, yet it fills a gap that exists between primary prevention and treatment for substance-abusing youths.
We use the descriptors primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention for our three levels.
Foster care and adoption receive some attention in the section on tertiary prevention on p 40 but despite this, the rest of the document is useful in helping carers and professionals to perceive their work in its wider context.
The purpose is to determine, among states that legally mandate public schools to address bullying, how extensively they have incorporated language representing the primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention levels.
Must social workers adopt evidence-based interventions under the realm of tertiary prevention to minimize the effects of a range of chronic illnesses?
The training will cover the most current women's health statistics in Nevada; evidence-based interventions that work to address the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of disease affecting women in Nevada during the first part of the program.

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