test of endurance

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Australian Dimity Lee-Duke, Manami Iijima of Guam and Hong Kong's Leanne Szeto set out for a grueling test of endurance as they dispute the women's elite pro crown in the Black Arrow Express 5150 in Subic Bay on Sunday.
The final test of endurance is the 15-km run which includes the hills of Cubi Point.
Richard said: "Our story has become a test of endurance, and there is a need to recharge spirits - particularly after the disappointment of the Foreign Secretary's mission failing to deliver."
The competition round of 144 arrows takes all day to shoot and is a test of endurance and consistency as well as accuracy.
CET was the ultimate test of endurance and agility of soldiers belonging to fourteen different countries which was not only the essence but was the most interesting category contested in the whole Event.
In the ultimate test of endurance, survivalist Bear Grylls, below, abandons two groups - one of eight men, the other of eight women - to see if they can survive on an uninhabited island armed with just the clothes they stand up in and a few basic tools.
Combined with the average round taking four to five hours, it can prove to be a test of endurance, both physically and mentally.
Birkin and Barnato were to be the first British drivers to attempt the thousandmile Italian test of endurance, in a supercharged 'Bentley Blower' known as the No.
Jonathon Ward, 28, of Chester-le-Street, County Durham, is urging individuals to take on a gruelling test of endurance in aid of the Great North Air Ambulance Service who airlifted him after a fall on a Lake District mountain.
"It was very tough and a real test of endurance and stamina.
Benali ran to all 20 Premier League grounds during his three-week test of endurance, with the total raised currently standing at PS162,000.
The combined fleets became a test of endurance as the light winds made it difficult for thesailors to get round the course.

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