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TEST. Something by which to ascertain the truth respecting another thing. 7 Penn. St. Rep. 428; 6 Whart. 284. Vide Religious Test.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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One historian said: "For his work as the test pilot in charge of the development of the Spitfire, Jeffrey Quill stands out in aviation history, and his name has a place alongside that of Reginald Mitchell, the aircraft's brilliant designer.
This week, 25 winners of the 'Challenge Accepted Competition' got to take a friend along to the park to be 'test pilots' ahead of its opening.
He Hew 25 combat sorties himself and has gone on to become one of the best test pilots in the world, as part of the Eurofighter program and now Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.
"It's truly an honor to be the first Air Force Reserve pilot selected for Test Pilot School," Major Hall said.
Reitsch, a test pilot for Germany during World War II, presents her memoirs, which describe how she left medical school to become an aviator, held the world gliding record for women, and worked as a stunt pilot for films before she volunteered for the German air force.
Tomlinson first flew the Harrier while in the RAY and now, as BAE's test pilot, he is experiencing the new generation of STOVL.
But the forging of those ties date back to the sheer skill and flair of a Liverpool-born test pilot, Jimmy Dell, in 1968.
Last year, some JetBlue crews worked up to 11-hour days as part of a project to test pilot fatigue.
A CELEBRATED test pilot took to the skies in a Spitfire yesterday as Britain celebrated the first flight of the world famous aircraft 70 years ago.
Landon Henderson, a 41 8th Flight Test Squadron test pilot.
Needless to say, I was shocked to see your test pilot's Sp[O.sub.2] in the range of 80 to 84 percent.
During the test programme, an on-board test pilot monitored the aircraft's performance but did not actively fly the aircraft.