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FlyScan module comes on Pilot/Aerial flying probes and is said to automate test program generation in a single software environment; boundary scan creation for non-JTAG nets, using the extended test function and the flying probes to transform them into JTAG testable nets; elimination of test redundancies; fault diagnostics, with real-time generation of additional tests executed by the flying probes for the specific identification of the faulty component; and fault detection by the boundary scan test in the repair station environment.
Religious belief is not testable by scientific processes--nor should it be.
In a separate development, Red Hat also has a community-based open source project to enable testable architectures or process governance, called the Savara Project, Little said.
New regulations which flow from the Kyoto Treaty on global warming will require UK window companies to have testable energy ratings within the next few years.
Facts are accumulated until they make a testable hypothesis.
It was a further setback for Phoenix, whose TEGA analyzer at the weekend was not able to obtain smaller, testable bits from the Martian landscape which researchers hope will provide clues to whether the planet was once habitable for microbial life.
It discusses string theory and provides the view that superstring theory has left the realm of hard, testable scientific inquiry and now resembles science fiction.
Are the substrates components and testable under JEDEC standards or are they small PCBs testable to IPC standards?
Smolin notes that certain predictions stemming from this scenario have held up, and he emphasizes that scientists should focus on ideas that are testable.
I offer a number of testable hypotheses, which come from the work of Michael Gurian, William Pollack, Leonard Sax, Kathy Stevens, Michael Thompson, and Peter West.
It is argued by some that because West Papua was not part of the original post-war Indonesia (though it was part of the Dutch East Indies), and because it has everything in common with East Papua and practically nothing in common with the rest of the Indonesia of which it forms a part, we should recognise these realities and respect the testable will of the West Papuan people, who were never given a free and supervised vote on their incorporation into Indonesia; or that we should at least be neutral in the matter.
In spite of extensive training in the biological and chemical sciences, medical practitioners of Freudian psychoanalysis ignored the basic principle that any scientific explanation of natural phenomena, including human behavior, must be testable.