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We have mentioned here the Greek verb [phrase omitted] / agapao--in different moods and tenses--from the original text in Greek (Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine 2001: 586) in order to take note of the fact that St.
In the earliest Christian version of these texts, the Vetus Latina (350 CE), the word was translated as the Latin testamentum, meaning "testimony.
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Se encuentra hoy en la Biblioteca Colombina, procede de la Biblioteca Capitular de la Catedral de Sevilla y contiene una Postilla litteralis super varios libros vetus testamentum, a Genesis usque ad Ruth.
Othmar Keel, "Kanaanaische Suhneriten auf Agyptischen Tempelreliefs," Vetus Testamentum, 25 (1975) p.
24) Provehito in altum also reappears in later reprintings of Beza's translation, for example, in seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century editions of the Novum Testamentum, (25) Finally, Beza's Latin New Testament (NT) was also included in Tremellius and Junius's complete Latin Bible, which was considered a very Calvinist Protestant work.
First and foremost, these include the 1966 chorus Testamentum, a setting of a satirical last will and testament by the composer's contemporary, the German writer and Latin poet Joseph Eberle.
58) Par rapport au testament pretorien, c'est le testamentum per aes et libram, base sur l'utilisation du procede de la mancipatio, qui symbolise le mieux le souci d'immortalite du de cujus.
A further document, the Testamentum Domini, probably written in the late fourth or early fifth century, assumes the existence of deaconesses, but preeminence is given to widows, who are clearly among the clergy along with bishop, presbyters and deacons (1.
He has published in scholarly forums such as Biblica, the Hebrew Union College Annual, and Vetus Testamentum and has published what is now a standard work in the field, "The Biblical HEREM: A Window on Israel's Religion" (Brown Judaic Studies, Scholars Press: 1991).
Augustini hace uso el hispalense en las Quaestiones in Vetus Testamentum (17).
Peres analyses the detailed description of the physical appearance of the Antichrist in the Testamentum Domini, a text which survives in Syriac and Ethiopic.