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One who dies leaving a valid will, or the description of this status.


adjective having left a will, having written a testament, relating to a will, with a valid will, with an exeeuted will
Associated concepts: intestate succession


having made a WILL. See INTESTACY.

TESTATE. One who dies having made a testament; a testator. This word is used in this sense, in the act of the legislature of Pennsylvania, entitled "An act relative to dower and for other purposes." Sect. 2, 5 Sm. Laws, 257.

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Like the post-socialistic Russian legal system, the contemporary civil law of Latvia differentiates two major forms of succession: testate and intestate.
Distribution of testate amoebae along a gradient hummocklawn-hollow in a Sphagnum bog: potential implications for palaeoecological reconstructions.
1934) (no beneficiary takes "unless a clear interval of time between the deaths is shown to have elapsed, such that the person dying later had an opportunity to make a testate disposition of the property.
Changes in testate amoeba composition in bogs reveal changes in water availability over thousands of years (Booth and Jackson 2003).
Verkoyen could be regarded as a testate of the alchemist Bottger.
6) Shortly thereafter, in Estate of Gowling, the court extended the rule of apportionment to testate estates if the decedent's will contained no direction for payment of estate taxes or did not clearly waive apportionment.
This memorandum was issued in response to a request by the estate of an individual who had died testate and was survived by his mother.
Testate amoebas (testaceans) have a hard exoskeleton with openings through which the cell contents exude.
246) Additionally, notaries are entrusted with some functions concurrent with a court, to include conducting testate and intestate proceedings and issuing letters testamentary.
Thecamoebian" is an informal term used to characterize a special group of testate prototists (agglutinated or autogenous) that belong to the Subphylum Sarcodina.