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One who dies leaving a valid will, or the description of this status.

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having made a WILL. See INTESTACY.
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TESTATE. One who dies having made a testament; a testator. This word is used in this sense, in the act of the legislature of Pennsylvania, entitled "An act relative to dower and for other purposes." Sect. 2, 5 Sm. Laws, 257.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The study is based upon the diversity of testate amoebae from 28 surface (0-3 cm depth) soil samples collected in Peru in March 2016 (Table 1).
In our preceding studies (Lokko et al., 2013, 2014), 46 new zoopsammon taxa for the Estonian fauna were registered, including 25 rotifers, 17 testate amoebae, 1 cercozoan, 1 clitellate, 1 tardigrade, and 1 harpacticoid.
The Contemporary "Testate Succession" of the Republic of Lithuania (According to the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania of 2011)
Grains prolate-spheroidal, contour sub-triangular, small to medium, granulate, testate, colpi and pores distant , colpi 2-7(mu)m wide and more than the length of polar axis ,spherical , variable in diameter 3.6-4.6(mu)m and an gulo aperature.
According to one study 13.7% of testate survivors and 50.6% of intestate survivors found probate hearings to be unfair.
Nigerian law on testate inheritance/succession includes the Wills Act and its Amendments (1837, 1852); The Wills Law Western Nigeria (1987).
If the deceased spouse died testate (i.e., with a will), it is critical to locate the will.
Jackson proposes that this was a 'hard' case, not because (per Dworkin) of a conflict between 'principles' and 'rules' but because murder is far distant from the 'normal' narrative of testate succession and from the stereotype of the beneficiary under a will (242).
Both died testate. In 2008, the IRS sent notices of deficiency to the estates of both Tatum Jr.